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Thank you to all those who participated in this year’s conference!

About Us

LearningForward-MO is dedicated to improving the state of professional learning in Missouri.  We believe high quality professional learning for all teachers can improve the teaching and learning resulting in higher achievement throughout the state.  We provide an annual conference dedicated to providing new learning for teachers, professional development committees, administrators, coaches, and central office administrators to learn new skills and information to take back to their respective districts and share.

LearningForward-MO offers a PD Academy for in-depth learning for both teachers, PD Committee members, and administrators who wish to learn more about the standards and how to implement them in their districts.  Additionally, LearningForward-MO wants to recognize educators, schools, and districts as they implement high quality professional learning through the Commissioner’s Award for HQPD, LF-MO Award for Promising Practices, and the LF-MO awards for outstanding educators, outstanding teams, and outstanding leaders.  Check out the award applications on this website.

We love to partner with other organizations throughout Missouri in order to assist schools in reaching higher achievement.  Contact any officer listed for further information.

In 1987, professionals across Missouri began their collective efforts in staff development. Under the leadership of Georgia Archibald, a group in St.Louis began to form a regional vision for professional development. MSDC was organized in 1989, and in 1990 MSDC, with a membership of 100, achieved affiliate status with the National Staff Development Council (NSDC). Cheri Shannon served as the affiliates’ first president and MSDC was listed along with twenty other state affiliates in the 1991 NSDC Conference program.

Our Key Values

Professional Learning

LearningForward-MO will promote professional learning designed around the LearningForward definition so all students achieve.

Data Driven

LearningForward-MO will use multiple data sources to assess its impact on professional learning practices.

Student Achievement

LearningForward-MO will develop high quality professional learning leaders who will influence professional learning practices and resources so all students will achieve at high levels.

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