Preparing for new conference

We are in the process of preparing for our 2017 conference and we are very excited about our speakers again this year.  Vicki Bernhart and Rick Wormeli will provide three very exciting days! We really hope you are planning on joining us!

Annual Conference

LearningForward will be holding their annual conference in Washington, DC beginning Dec. 6, 2015.  I hope to see you there and we will be hosting an affiliate reception on Monday evening so please join us if you are there!

Closure of 2015 Approaches

As the closure of 2015 approaches, it is time for all of us to take time to reflect on our own learning this year and how much of it has been put into practice.  We all love to learn, but how good are we at actually changing what we do to incorporate new learning?

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all our members and those who engage in professional learning to enhance their teaching!  Bless our teachers who make a difference for our students.

John Hattie’s New Book

John Hattie has a new book out:  Visible Learning into Action.  It is helpful to all educators to read case studies of how to put into practice the things that make a difference for students.