November 22, 2015

Conference Theme Keeping the Vision Alive
Conference Chair Kathy Blackmore
Keynote Speakers Ruby Payne and Hayes Mizell
Membership 1,053
MSDC Board Members Richard Rice – President
Julie Blaine – 1st Vice President
Kathy Blackmore – 2nd Vice President
Jody Wood – Secretary
Connie Burkhardt – Treasurer
Deb Orr – Immediate Past President
Cynthia Johnson – Member at Large
Joan Beard – Member at Large
Connie Toney – Region 1, Southeast RPDC Region
Susan Krumm – Region 2, Heart of Missouri RPDC Region
Nancy Clemens – Region 3, Kansas City RPDC Region
Kathy Cowell – Region 4, Northeast RPDC Region
Valerie Pierce – Region 5, Northwest RPDC Region
Terry Hopgood – Region 6, South Central RPDC Region
Suzy Cutbirth – Region 7, Southwest RPDC Region
Kathy Diehl – Region 8, St. Louis RPDC Region
Linda Shippy – Region 9, Central RPDC Region
Dee Ann Aull, SDLC Representative
Doug Miller, DESE and Leadership Academy Representative
Marcia Haskin, Executive Director, MSDC
Carrie Scales, Administrative Assistant, MSDC
Awards PresentedVision Award Co-Winners: Vicki Baker, Assistant Superintendent, North Kansas City School District
Gene Vinson, Central Missouri RPDC Director
Commissioner’s Award of Excellence for Professional Development:
Brentwood School District
Francis Howell School District
Lebanon School District
Liberty School District
North Kansas City School District
Pattonville School District
Outstanding Building Staff Development Program: Bush Elementary School, Fulton School District
Staff Developer of the Year: Suzanne Love, Independence School District